Goodbye California, Hello Idaho.

We left California at 9:45 am Sunday morning…quite a bit later than we expected.

Marley was happy to be riding in the truck with Dan and Parker.

I love that Marley looks like he’s smiling in this photo:

Izabelle started out in the Van with me.

Smoke, our cat rode with us.

The cat did amazingly well in the car (thanks for the calming spray E.M.), especially considering that a drive that normally takes 12 hours, took 18.

Yes, it was a VERY long drive.  We drove straight through to our new home.

We arrived at 4 am on Monday morning.

I had a lot of time to listen to music and plan…and day dream…and yawn…and listen to more music….and plan some more…and sing a little too.

I listened to THIS and THIS and a bunch of other music that I’ll share…eventually.

For most of the drive, this was my view:

I did get a better view when we would pull over at Rest Stops:

He makes for a very handsome view, don’t you think?

We’re here.  We’re safe.  We’re tired of unpacking.

Most of all, we are grateful.

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