I’ve been absent from my blog for quite a few days now…It feels like the minutes roll into hours and the hours roll into days faster than I can keep up.

I’ve been working.  A lot.  And when I’m not working there are things like…err…laundry, meals, helping the kids with homework…I know, my life is so interesting, right?

During the hours (or minutes) in between it all I’ve been helping my sister plan her wedding.  And being her Matron of Honor, my sister has kept me pretty busy.  I can’t believe we’re planning a wedding in less than two months!  December 5th is right around the corner.

I’m also getting ready to post some of my projects on my Etsy Store…

It’s been awhile…since June?  Yes, my store has been pretty pathetic for awhile now.  But with the holidays coming up I might have to part with a few of my favorites…

I’ve also been compiling some projects for Graphic 45…

And occasionally I sleep, imagine that.

I’ll be posting when I can…I have the projects to share but now that the weather has changed, I just need decent light to take photos.

For now, I’m off to hop around blogs and visit all of you!

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