Jordan and Emilee’s Guest Book

Emilee’s Guest Book is finished.

The light was not very great for photographing the Guest Book but I wanted to share it with you here on my blog.

All the fantastic photographs in the Guest Book I made were taken by Emilee’s Photographer Jaclyn Davis.

I used Flower Soft on the snowflakes for this next page.  It’s the first time I used Flower Soft product.  I loved it.  So, so pretty.  You can purchase Flower Soft products HERE.

A closer look at the Flower Soft on the snowflake:

My favorite of Emilee and Jordan’s engagement photos are taken with Emilee’s horses.

So sweet.

I loved adding the lavender to Emilee’s Guest Book pages.

I especially loved the touch of lavender with the horse photos.

Emilee and Jordan are such a beautiful couple.

My baby sister is getting married next Saturday!

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