My Baby Sister is Married

Can you believe that I did not bring my own camera to my sisters wedding? Not that I didn’t want to. Yep, my camera is still with Nikon hopefully being repaired as I type. But enough about that…on to the good stuff:

I woke up at 5am December 5th so that I could be at Emilee’s house by 6am.  It was my duty, as the Matron of Honor to be at her side all day long.

Every second that I was with her was a special second. I feel very honored and blessed to have such a beautiful, sweet, sister.  To be present during her sealing ceremony was something that has touched my heart in a way I had never imagined it would. Witnessing her marry her sweet husband, Jordan for Time and All Eternity was so special and tender.

Tears of joy filled my eyes more than a few times throughout the day.

Fun, family, love, and laughter filled the entire day…and into the next day…around 2 am.

The decorations were amazing, the food was fantastic…all of it perfect.

But pictures you ask?

Jaclyn took this photo:

I did grab a friends camera a few times (still waiting for the photos) and Emilee’s photographer, Jaclyn was amazing, she was constantly shooting photos.  Jaclyn has promised to email me some photos for my blog (can’t wait, can’t wait)!  So, in turn, I promise to share the photographic memories of Emilee’s wedding as soon as I can get them (I know some of you are anxious).

Ah, my baby sister is married. I still see her as a little 8 year old.

Just to put things into perspective for you…the following photo was taken in 1996, at my wedding. Emilee was 8 years old:

I love that girl.


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