I Feel Like Spreading the Love…

I FINALLY feel like getting ready for Valentines Day.  Decorating my house, baking cookies and making valentines with my kids.

I work during the day and sometimes I feel pretty darn exhausted by the time I get home.  On occasion, my kids get to witness a mother that is less-than-enthusiastic-about-the-upcoming-holiday.

I enjoy my children so much and I really do try to make the most of our mornings, nights and long weekends together. So naturally, I feel a bit guilty if I don’t have fun projects planned and get sidetracked by piles of laundry and dishes that need to be done. I’m feeling a little like I need to “make it up to them” for being so busy and distracted lately.

I like to decorate my home for the holidays throughout the year.  Although, I don’t always feel like decorating.  I have to wait until the inspiration hits, then, I take joy in it.  I often wait until I have a morning off work and the house is quiet. The kids are usually in school, or out on a errand with their dad (what a sweet hubby I have).

Today, when I felt inspired to decorate the house for Valentines Day…to make our home a place of joy and fun.  I really wanted to let the kids help, even though it might not look “perfect”.  I want them to be a part of the joy that I am trying to create.

Valentines day.  A holiday specifically set aside to concentrate wholeheartedly on telling those we love just how much we love them.  What a great opportunity for me to help my children feel how special they are to me. I want them to know, really know, that no matter how much I work, how tired I am, how many craft projects are due or how much laundry I have waiting, that they are so very important to me.  That they are special. That they are loved. That their opinion matters. And that I appreciate their help.

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