Heart Shaped Doilies

My kids and I took a trip to the Dollar Store.  They LOVE the dollar store. I basically have to drag myself there.

Don’t get me wrong, I always find something.  For instance, these heart shaped paper doilies:

I strung them together and made a quick garland using curling ribbon.  Simple and fast.  My husband helped me hang it an the wall…

I also tied a doily to one of my apothecary jars and filled it with Valentines candy.

Instant Valentine’s Day decorations.

The kids and I are having fun decorating the house for Valentines Day.  Izabelle thought of some more ideas for the doilies.  She wants to hang some little ones from the ceiling and chandelier with some curling ribbon…I think we’re going to have to get Dan and Parker on a ladder for the ceiling decorations.

Right now Izabelle is making pancakes (while wearing her little chef hat) the house smells fantastic! I’m watching the snow fall through my windows, it’s so peaceful.  I’m feeling very grateful for all the love and beauty in my life.

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