Bo Bunny {Jazmyne}

Memorial Day.

Not just another day.

A heartfelt Thank to our Armed Forces

past and present

who have faught, died (or lived!)

to keep the US a safe Country

a free Country.

I am humbled by your sacrifice

you are truly appreciated.


Spring cleaning.

Today I’m feeling it.

I’ve already deep cleaned the microwave and the outside of my cupboards…

Next, the refrigerator and the oven.

Wish me luck (haha).

I created the above layout using the new Bo Bunny “Jazmyne” Line.

I was inspired by The Color Room‘s Palette #8:

It’s not an exact match…but pretty darn close.

In the photo:  My Parker & Izabelle with their sweet little cousin Kayla

I miss that girl and her darling baby sister, Addie.


Be grateful today.

Enjoy time with family and loved ones.

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