Happy 17th Birthday Parker!


Dear Parker,

It’s hard to believe that 17 years have passed since the day you entered this world. You have brought so much joy to my life and I am so grateful that I am your mom. You continue to make me proud of you every single day.

I love the boy that you have been and the man that you are becoming. I love your creativity, your sense of humor, and your talent for art and computers. I love how sweet and generous you are, you are always willing to lend a helping hand and are so thoughtful. I hope that you always let your light shine bright and continue to share your talents and joy with the world.

Have a happy birthday, sweet boy.

Love, Mom


The above photo taken in front of  The Art of Shaving makes me smile.

This year Parker has set a goal to grow out his hair (head and face). Realizing it was a lost cause, I stopped suggesting hair cuts and shaving months ago. I decided to let Parker be Parker. And I now have lots of photographic documentation of this “hair” phase.


Parker wanted to spend some time celebrating in Utah with cousins…while there we spent some time at Hang Time, a crazy warehouse filled with trampolines. It’s was a good time for all.



Parker is all about Good Eats:




This year’s birthday cake request was an ooooy-goooy reese’s peanut butter cake. It didn’t look too pretty but it tasted really good.


Any day now Parker will start listening to me and stop growing.


A flash from the past (Parker, 6 years old):


Be still my heart.

Time flies faster than my poor heart can handle.

XOXO, Christie


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