Remembering My Grandfather

My Grandfather passed away Christmas evening.
I typed up a post about my amazing grandfather. Then I read it. Then I erased it. Then I wrote it again. Then I erased it again.
Nothing I type seems to do him justice.
One thing (among many things) that my grandfather was:
A very eloquent speaker
(something I did not inherit from him).
Mom and I traveled to Utah to stay with my Grandma…to help when we can…to comfort when we can…to be close to family and draw strength from each other.
As our car drew nearer to my grandparents home I imagined that it would be hard to see Grandma without Grandpa next to her.
I was right, it was hard. It’s rough to walk into their home and not see Grandpa’s smiling face.
I am the first of 24 grandchildren, grandpa’s oldest grandchild. My children are among his 5 great-grandchildren. Each one of us has been greatly affected by Grandpa Crabtree’s love, compassion and overall optimism. He was one happy man, a man that I for one wish to emulate.
I love and miss you Grandpa.
My uncle Joe wrote Grandpa’s obituary. Joe wrote what I could not and I would like to share it with you…

Robert Herman Crabtree died peacefully at his home in Provo, Utah late in the evening on Christmas Day 2010. He is survived by Louise, his spouse of 57 years, 6 children (Diane, Joseph, Steve, Brent, Chris and Michael), 24 grand-children and 5 great-grandchildren, who reside in Utah, California, Kansas, Idaho, Washington and New York. He was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and was the youngest of 4 sons born to Glen and Addie Crabtree, and is survived by his older brother, Larry. He was a man of great faith, and served tirelessly in many positions through his years in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, including High Priest Group Leader, Bishop, Mission Doctor and serving in Mission Presidencies. He was an excellent and widely respected physician, graduating from George Washington University in 1954. He specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, practicing initially in Los Angeles, then Paradise, California from 1964 to 2005. He served on hospital boards, presided over medical societies and volunteered for community service positions. He had a passion for learning, travel, fine arts and fine music, sharing with his children and friends many amazing adventures. He was an avid golfer, fly fisherman and loved to play games. He deeply enjoyed the beauty of nature, particularly at his family cabin in Idaho. Most of all, he loved his family, listened to them, encouraged and nurtured them regularly with visits and calls. He was beloved by his patients, friends, and family for his infectious optimism and playful humor, which will be sorely missed.

A viewing will be held at 9am Thursday December 30th at the LDS Church at 650 Stadium Avenue in Provo, Utah. Services will be held thereafter at 11am.


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