Grandpa and Cooper “Always Remember”

After two months, it’s still hard to believe that my Grandfather has passed.

These photos of Grandpa Crabtree with my nephew, Cooper have become some of my very favorites. I love the smile on Grandpa’s face and Copper’s little tongue hanging out. Grandpa was always happiest when holding a grandchild, in this case his great-grandchild.

Grandpa loved the Crabtree Family Cabin in Island Park, Idaho; I believe it was one of his favorite places on earth. I took these photos of Grandpa and Cooper last Summer while at the Crabtree Cabin.

Before Christmas, I special ordered this October Afternoon paper intending to use it for cabin photos. The paper ending up being perfect for this tender memory.

It’s not an elaborate layout by any means but it is still very special. Now in a shadowbox, it hangs on my living room wall.

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