Sweet Little Abby

This is Abby.

Abby is Laura’s daughter.

Laura and I have been friends since 1st grade. That’s almost 20 years! Wait, did I just give away how old I am?

Laura’s daughter, Abby is super-cute and full to the brim with spunk!

I took this photo of Abby when I traveled to CA last year. I came to visit Laura right after the birth of her 3rd child and only son, little Landon.

I created the paper rosettes pictured above by spraying a strip of paper with clear spray starch and forming the paper while it was still wet (a fun little experiment).

I also stitched a lot on this layout using my sewing machine…

Ah, this layout makes me miss California…all my friends and family there.

Especially my brother, his wife and my two darling little nieces. Luckily they’re headed here to Idaho this July! Can’t wait!

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