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It’s been six and a half months since my mother passed away. I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate through this life without her. I honestly didn’t realize just how entwined our lives were until she was no longer there. Mom lived just two blocks away. I miss our quick (or really long) phone calls, our random run-in’s at the grocery store, sharing our thoughts, a recipe needed, a last-minute childcare provider or ride giver. I miss her good advice and I really miss the creative inspiration she would always provide.

I’ve always loved Pinterest. Soon after I caught on, I shared with my mother. Pinterest was made for people like my mom. After Mom started pinning daily, she soon had over 9,000 followers. I found that I had no real need to spend time getting lost on Pinterest because I had Mom, she was there pinning away and she was SO GOOD at it.

Recently, I started visiting Pinterest again. Sometimes for hours (pneumonia will give one lots of hours to pin from one’s iPad – I speak from personal experience). Tonight I found myself on Pinterest again, this time I typed in my mother’s name, I wanted to look at her boards. I love her boards so much. Every single thing she pinned is fabulous and is so her in every way. It was like sitting next to her, asking her what I should make for dinner, or what craft project I should start?

Mom, what should I make Emilee for her baby shower in a couple weeks?

Mom, what food should I serve at her shower?

Mom, do you have any decorating ideas?

Mom’s boards are priceless to me, but for you…I know that you will love them too…

Not only are there amazing recipes…check out the cute names she has for her boards. “Good Morning,” “Soup’s On,” “Cookie Jar”.

Untitled“Casserole Creations,” “Pasta Please,” “Romancing the House,” “Winter Wonders”…

Untitled 10Mom, do you have a recipe or chocolate muffins? Mom, what blogs do you like to visit?

Untitled 9Look at these cute titles, “Beautiful Blooms,” “Note to Self,” “Altered dreams”…

Untitled 8Anything I could ever need to spark my creativity, she has pinned on her boards.

Untitled 7Christmas, Christmas…more Christmas.

Untitled 6Any holiday you could think of, she has a board.

Untitled 5I love these boards, “Lollies,” “For My Granddaughters,” “Baby Gifts & Shower Ideas”…

Untitled 4I’m telling you…it’s worth your time to browse through her boards. You’ll be happy all day.

Untitled 3I can only imagine how many thousands of beautiful things she would have pinned over the past several months, if she were still here. I love that she has left her mark, that part of her is still here, hopefully forever, in her little corner of the world wide web.

Untitled 2With all my love (and my mothers too), I’ve linked all the photos to Mom’s Pinterest boards, go…fly…pin!

Mom and I at DisneyLand:


XOXO, Christie


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