Europe: Day Two – The Ship


This was the first time I had ever boarded a cruise ship. I have to say, it was ENORMOUS! Bigger than I would have ever imagined. I left the USA ready for an adventure…And I got one.


Our Princess Cruise Ship was not only quite mind-bogglingly large, it was also luxurious. It was definitely a modern day Titanic (without all the sinking and much, much bigger). Our room was spacious and I loved having our own little balcony to enjoy a little salty sea air whenever we had the whim to do so. I felt spoiled. Very, very spoiled.


There were many benefits to cruising, although, I’m not sure if I would take such a long cruise next time. 2 weeks is quite a long time to stay on a ship. Dan and I loved the fact that we could unpack in once place, eat food on demand, our bed was always made and we had an abundance of fresh towels. But…Dan and I are explorers at heart, so we found it difficult that the ship did not port for long. We had to be back on board everyday by 5pm. It doesn’t leave much time to wander too far off shore.


Oh, but we did enjoy our City on the Sea. We did not feel claustrophobic. Not even once.

XOXO, Christie


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