Here, There and Everywhere…

There’s news!  My Family and I will be moving out of good ‘ol California in August.  After much discussion (and LOTS of prayer) we’ve decided to move to Idaho!

Needless to say, I’ve been running around crazy-like the past several days.  We’re still trying to figure out if we are going to sell our house or keep it as a rental.  Big decisions!

I’ve also been busy with Graphic 45 projects.  They’re gearing up for Summer CHA so I have lots of little projects in the mix; I wish I could share all of them now but I have to wait until July.

Speaking of Graphic 45, be sure to check out their new, updated BLOG and NING Site!

Oh, I do have a little something to share…

I made a little card with the leftover October Afternoon Paper from my “Baby Elizabeth” Layout:

It’s almost time for my 300th Post (this is post 299) Giveaway!



  • Jing-Jing says:

    Wow, moving to Idaho, eh?? You are going to be one busy lady!!!!! the packing the selling/renting, etc etc. Seriously, good luck, okay?
    I love that OA card, you make it look totally vintage cute, how awesome is that?

  • Very cute card Christie, I love that ribbon!!! I am soooo sad you are moving, I can’t believe it!! I hope we can get together soon….*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  • Cheryl says:

    Christie you are a dear friend and you will be terribly missed. Hey Baabs it looks like there will be a trip to Idaho planned! Love the card!

  • Beate says:

    The card looks lovely Christie! I really hope things go smoothly as possible with the move! What a wonderful new chapter in your life 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Okay, I know you’re leaving, but you’ll be back! Say you will! In the meantime, it looks like I’m doing a trip to Idaho with Cheryl. I love Idaho. Cheryl’s okay, too.

  • I’m wishing you a lot of wisedom with making the big decisions! The most important decision is already made: moving to Idaho! Good luck! By the way the card is lovely!!! I’m also looking forward to the projects you’re making for Graphic 45!

  • Sue says:

    love those cute birds can’t wait to see more of your Graphic 45 projects

    Hope the move goes well – I will enjoy reading about it I need ALL the details

  • Becky says:


    I cannot believe that you are moving?!?!


    You know if snows there, right?

    You know the sun doesn’t shine there, right?

    You know they have no ocean, right?


    What are you doing!?!?!

  • LindaB says:

    Oh Christie . . . you sweet sweet girl . . . I am going to miss seeing your smile, your twinkling eyes and hearing your laughter . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . so maybe Cheryl & Baaabs will let me tag along on the “visit” . . . I’ll drive (not in snow though – saw your pics from visiting your parents) . . . BTW . . . I suppose Idaho is more than a day trip from here . . . sob . . . I am going to miss ya!!!!!

  • Sara says:

    Yea! Wait, not any closer to me 🙁

  • Teri says:

    Idaho? For the beaches? 🙂

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